How the Bowen Technique works

In a Bowen Technique session, the patient lies on a bed, wearing loosely fitting clothing, and relaxes, while the therapist applies a specifically located series of gentle movements across the body. The movements are composed of a challenge to a body of muscle, tendon or nerve and a release of the tension vibrates through to the nerve within the area, nerve. The result in a balancing not only on the structural level and functional systems, but also at the level of the individuals overall well-being. Addressing the body as a whole, in this way, the Bowen Technique treats beyond the presented symptoms and positively affects the physical, chemical, emotional and mental aspects of each person during the treatment and importantly for many days after. Appointments are usually scheduled a week apart as the treatment's effect and the body's process after is lasting many days. In most cases we recommend a series of about 3 treatments to initiate the bowen process. Most of the time the 3 treatments will give a clear idea as to the tempo of future treatments if needed.

Imagine you are 10 years old again and were simply going to get better from this point on, how long would you expect to take? This is the expectation you should have of the should just get better!

Key to achieving this expansive benefit is the Bowen Techniques capacity to stimulate a sense of deep relaxation. This deeply relaxed state, both caused by and facilitating the impact of the specific soft tissue moves, seems to act upon the body's autonomic nervous system, which creates homeostasis at the cellular level. Through this precise resetting of the autonomic nervous system's action, while in a state of profound relaxation, the individual's body is freed to find its own natural balance.

During the actual treatment session, the Bowen therapist will apply the movements in a series of patterns. The therapist leaves the room between the application of each pattern in the series so as to allow the patient the maximum space to fully achieve the deepest relaxant effects and to avoid interfering with the patient's energetic realignment. Sessions usually last one hour. Often no more than two to five sessions are required for the treatment of most conditions. Treatments will generally be scheduled at 7-day intervals.

As a complementary treatment, Bowen can be used to enhance the benefits of other modalities. We find Homeopathy to be especially beneficial when used in conjunction with Bowen. However, certain alternate modalities affecting deep tissue, when used within a week of Bowen treatment, will usually counteract the Bowen's action (e.g., massage, chiropractics.) If you plan to combine Bowen with any other modality, please be sure to discuss an apropriate treatment schedule with your Bowen therapist.

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